Graphic & Digital Design

We are designers. Graphic design and creative technology are our tools. The result lives analogue and digitally, on screens and paper, on walls and objects.

In 2010, we introduced graphic and digital design to enhance our services. These disciplines ensure a holistic result to any brand, space or building — making sure concepts and services live beyond the physical space and inhabit the minds of people. 

Working in an environment where the real three-dimensional world defines our creative framework influences our way of working with graphic and creative technology. And vice versa. Our digital mindset brings a fresh perspective into architectural projects. 

We seek to create impactful design by cultivating contradictions and surprise – such as finding dynamic possibilities in the physical and infusing material qualities into the digital realm.

Our Services

Photo: Antoine Mercusot

Through its interdisciplinary and holistic approach to branding, graphic design and interior design, the Moniker brand house sets out to become a new icon of the Norwegian and Scandinavian brand house scene, an icon with its own distinct personality and moniker.

Photo: Hinda Fahre

Photo: Calle Huth

Photo: Bjørnar Øvrebø

Photo: Calle Huth

Photo: Calle Huth

Photo: Jason Dziver

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With our new website we've taken a look at how everything digital also has a carbon footprint – and what we can do to reduce it.