Longyearbyen Floatation terminal
The portal to the Arctic




This new floating quay for receiving ships and ferries in Longyearbyen was supposed to house several activities and service functions and function as "the gateway to Longyearbyen." The project is of great importance for developing Svalbard as a tourist destination and logistical hub for activities in the Arctic.

The project was stopped in 2020 when no money was allocated, nor was the project prioritized in the National Transport Plan in 2020.

Technical details

Design Proposal
Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Kystverket via Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen AS


Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen AS, Brekke og Strand, Erichsen&Horgen, Norconsult

3.750 m2

Maritime traffic hub in the Arctic area

In collaboration with client Dr. techn Olav Olsen and with close follow-up by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Port of Longyearbyen, and other members of the project's reference group, Snøhetta has developed a material that deals with programming of areas, distribution of space, logistics, functionality and flexibility, as well as architectural design. 

Emphasis has been placed on flexibility in use, and consideration of different functions and parallel activities on the quay. Emphasis has also been placed on ensuring flexibility for future expansion of the building stock.

Environmental ambitions

The floating terminal will help develop the area with a focus on social sustainability. The initiative will contribute positively to the local environment and offer functions that visitors and residents can use. The building has the potential to become an important meeting place for people concerned with nature, the environment, and research. An arena for knowledge exchange between professionals, visitors, and the population. It offers information, activities, cultural offerings, and room for good experiences.

Architecture with local connections is introduced by establishing an architecture that uses nature as a source of knowledge and formal inspiration. Extensive use of natural materials should be emphasized, and emphasis should be placed on to create an intelligent and energy-saving building.