Interior Architecture

We are interior architects. We explore how people respond to, and interact with their surroundings to create holistic, inclusive and functional spaces.

We work with the framework of functions, space planning, and layout solutions and use interior architecture as a tool to integrate this thoroughly and meaningfully.

At Snøhetta, Interior Architecture is one of many disciplines. Our teams work on both individual interior projects and as part of larger transdisciplinary projects. Integrating interior in our work traces back to our first defining project, the new library in Alexandria, and became an integral part of Snøhetta when we designed the interiors for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, which opened in 2008.

We work on both small and large scales and a variety of typologies with a strong focus on cultural projects.

Our passion

We have a passion for space, volume and shape, shadow and light, and the sculptural way they define what surrounds us. We love how light can completely change the feeling of a room. The way materiality, tactility, and color enlarge our sense of space, touch, and feel.


We thrive on collaboration, and believe we make the sum greater than its individual parts by collaborating with other disciplines at Snøhetta.

We also work closely with our clients and partners to translate their specific dreams and ambitions into holistic, inclusive and functional user spaces.

Specifically, we help describe scenarios of spatial usage and imagine the sequence of the user experience. We thoroughly process all types of input from the client, consultants, and skilled workers on the construction site.

Through robust architectural concepts, we provide room for variation and adaptations along the way without compromising design and project quality. 

Our main deliveries

  • Make decisions reflecting the environmental conditions
  • Strengthen the overall concept through detailing
  • Ensure a common thread and readability
  • Address building codes and acoustics
  • Plan and program spaces
  • Provide extensive material knowledge
  • Adapt our product and material sourcing to the context