Marius Hauland Næss speaks at Energiseminaret 2024

Annual seminar by students at NMBU


Location NMBU, Ås
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 15
1433 Ås

Architecture for a better world – Circularity, energy efficiency and use of materials

It is said that 40 percent of the world's emissions come from the construction industry. Can we build our way out of a global environmental crisis? Snøhetta has 400 active projects on the drawing board in 40 different countries and more than 40 active construction sites. Snøhetta has set a goal of only having CO2-neutral projects on the drawing board by 2029. By 2039, there will only be CO2-neutral projects in the implementation phase.

 Marius Hauland Næss, Director of Acquisition and Business Development in the Nordics, talks about how Snøhetta works and why they intend to lead the way in the green transition.