Snøhetta Design at DesignMarch in Reykjavik

For the sixth time at DesignMarch, local ambassadors are inviting designers from their home countries to pair with Icelandic creatives over a common theme. They will be opening the doors of their residences to host a series of intimate discussions in “living room” settings, offering you a unique opportunity to meet the designers and get inspired.

Norwegian ambassador Cecilie Willoch has invited Petter Torgersen Myhr from Snøhetta Design, and Icelandic freelance 3D designer Maríu Guðjohnsen to her residence in Iceland, hosting an afternoon of design-centered conversations. 

Get a chance to hear the designers talk about various topics over a game of question cards that have been specially designed to power and spark the discussion. The conversation will continue over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in this unusual setting.