for MDF Italia


Product Design


Together with renowned Italian furniture manufacturer, MDF Italia, Snøhetta has designed and developed Array - a modular sofa system designed to offer maximum flexibility without compromising comfort in a more responsible way.

Technical details

Oslo, Norway

Photo: Shestakovych Studio

Reimagining comfort

Array reimagines the conventional sofa, offering maximum flexibility and comfort in a considerate manner. The system comprises slim, interconnected modules that seamlessly adapt to various contexts, allowing unique configuration and spatial possibilities.

Each element of Array has been thoughtfully designed with disassembly in mind, facilitating repair, replacement, or recycling when necessary, thereby promoting longevity and reducing the material usage over time.

Disassembly, flexibility and less material

By embracing injection molding as a manufacturing method for the base, Array optimizes material usage while incorporating a high percentage of recycled materials. This approach results in a lightweight structure with a hollow core, minimizing the environmental footprint without compromising quality or comfort. 

The bio-foam covering, containing 51% recycled material, is removeable and can be replaced. Additionally, elastic ropes have been integrated underneath each element, ensuring quick and easy replacement of the textile.

Photo: Shestakovych Studio

Levels of comfort

Array prioritizes comfort across multiple levels – ergonomic, planning, contextual, and usability. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal proportions and softness, catering to diverse domestic and contract settings. Since the selection of different modules is limited, it facilitates ease of planning, offering a balance between versatility and simplicity. Moreover, Array's reduced module width enhances contextual comfort, seamlessly integrating into any space through flexible configurations.

While Array offers comfort at the highest level, it also introduces a new paradigm in furniture design. It invites users to embrace a conscious approach to living, where high-quality design converges with practicality, longevity, and conscious production.

A complete system

In addition to the modular sofa system, Snøhetta has also designed a family of side tables to complement the Array series. The tables follow the same flexible approach as the sofa modules and can easily be combined and configured. There are four variants, of which one fits directly between the modules. The tables integrate easily with the different sofa modules and make Array a complete system for any space.

New standards

Array embodies a progressive approach toward more conscious furniture design and innovation. A keen focus on enhancing the furniture lifecycle and its technical construction from the core represents a paradigm shift in furniture design, where every element is thoughtfully reconsidered to prioritize environmental responsibility without compromising quality or comfort.

The system contains six different modules and is available in a wide variety of colors and textiles to ensure a fully customizable system.