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In a second collaboration with Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Fornace Brioni, Snøhetta explores terracotta as a material and its traditional craft. The result is a collection of tiles and 3D elements named Void - focusing on material reduction and soft forms to enhance light, shadow, and texture.

Technical details

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Oslo, Norway

Photo: Mattia Balsamini

Photo: Mattia Balsamini

After collaborating on the Forite project in 2021, Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni have worked together again to launch the Void collection. Understanding materials and their processes is central to Snøhetta's work and laid the basis for the Void project, exploring terracotta with the experts at Fornace Brioni.

Less is more

During the process, the aim was to reduce the amount of material used in the tile production, experimenting with different ways of reducing the material without compromising the structural quality of the tiles. With Void, less is more - and the characteristic appearance formed by the removed material is what makes the tiles stand out.  

The soft forms and shapes resulting from the reduced material enhance light, shadow, and texture and bring out the uniqueness of the traditionally crafted tiles, integrating the imperfections and roughness of the material as part of the expression. 

Photo: Mattia Balsamini

Photo: Mattia Balsamini

Unique patterns and compositions

The collection consists of a wall tile system and 3D elements. The two variants of the 3D component are larger and thicker than the tiles and can be used similarly to bricks to create walls or support surfaces both inside and outdoors. 

There are four variants of the tiles, including half-width options, which have a 1:1 and 1:2 ratio, respectively, and are therefore able to create a wide variety of geometric-based patterns and unique compositions. 

Natural colors

Upon launch, the Void collection is available in four different natural terracotta colors, each entirely determined by the clay's composition or way of processing.

Furthermore, the tiles will also be available in a glazed version that contrasts the rougher terracotta with a smoother finish. The glazed finish also makes the tiles more suitable for use in bathrooms and other wet rooms.

Void collection by Snøhetta for Fornace Brioni

Photo: Giuseppe Romano