ARV Exhibition
Preserving the heritage


Interior Architecture, Graphic & Digital Design


Snøhetta has developed the exhibition design, a new visual profile, and a book for the ARV exhibition in the main hall at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. 

At the opening in 2023, the new design replaced one of Norway's most iconic and long-living exhibition designs of all times, created by the internationally renowned architect Sverre Fehn.

Technical details

Oslo, Norway

Henriksen Snekkeri

Lighting design

Light Bureau

Snøhetta's approach and solution for the exhibition design has been influenced by previous designs in the same room - both in terms of layout and material choices. 

The exhibition's three thematic chapters are separated by three monumental walls which are positioned after the recently restored room's gilded pilasters. Showcases with integrated light are placed into the partitions. The milled titles on the portals reference the carvings of the stave church portals. The use of raw steel in signs and on plinths is a direct legacy from Sverre Fehn's exhibition design.

Photos: Calle Huth

The red colours that are central both in the exhibition and the exhibition catalogue, were discovered during the renovation of the hall.

The very ambitious exhibition concept is held in place by a clear design approach. The large portals integrate showcases and parts of the lighting in the room. Together with the exhibition catalogue, it conveys the exhibition's grand narrative on several levels.

Many conservation considerations must be taken into account when a project like this is brought to life; safety, lighting, and material selection are only a few. The exhibition is therefore expected to be on display for many years.

When the museum opened in 1905, the exhibition room was designed to house this beautifully carved stave church portal, which isstill an important part of the exhibition.