Cable Car Stations in Zillertal Arena Skiing Resort
Simple elegance and stunning views in the Tyrolean alps




The design for cable car stations in the Zillertal Arena skiing resort is based on the integration of the buildings into the context of the alpine landscape and the interplay with the necessary technical structures. Zillertal Arena commissioned Snøhetta for the design of the new stations when it invested in replacing old lift facilities, namely the two skiing lifts at the so called Wilde Krimml and Kapauns, and improving its connections of different areas in the skiing resort.

With their simple elegance, the pavilion-like buildings do not compete with the impressive alpine surroundings but enter into a dialog with the striking mountain scenery. On the one hand, topographical features guide the positioning, while on the other, the stations create a tension with their surroundings. Exposed concrete reflects the rugged alpine surroundings, while vertical wooden slat facades complement the concrete and are reminiscent of elements of alpine architecture. Together, these two materials create an independent but not obtrusive appearance.

Technical details

Destination, Infrastructure
Zillertal Arena, Tirol, Austria

Zeller Bergbahnen Zillertal GmbH & Co KG


Sculptor Magnus Pöhacker

Photos by Johannes Sautner

When designing the stations for the new Wilde Krimml and Kapauns cable cars, we conceived and positioned the necessary technical structures in such a way that they respond to the surrounding landscape. The spectacular mountain scenery continues to play the leading role and the architecture blends into the surroundings with simple elegance – in short: aesthetic added value instead of spectacle.

Patrick Lüth Partner and Managing Director of Snøhetta Studio Innsbruck

The bottom stations of the Kapauns and Wilde Krimml cable cars nestle in the alpine surroundings.

At the same time, an overall concept for the two mountain stations on the so called Übergangsjoch ensures a comprehensive mountain experience for visitors. As a high point at 2 500 metres about sea level, the Übergangsjoch offers far-reaching views and an incomparable Alpine panorama. The spectacular view is staged by means of an elongated viewing platform called "the long bench". A steel staircase, which nestles against the rock face, leads visitors to the ridge of the Kreuzjoch, where "the long bench" not only invites you to enjoy the views, but also to linger and reflect. Around the "long bench", three impressive sculptures by artist Magnus Pöhacker create an “island in the sea of Tyrolean mountains”, allowing viewers their own perspective and room for interpretation in this fast-moving world.

The enormous sculptures by artist Magnus Pöhacker seem to look in three directions, at our existence and the heights and valleys of our mountains.