Calgary Central Library


Graphic & Digital


The design of the wayfinding and signage system for Calgary Library reflects the distinctive design of the building and plays an essential role in creating a seamless user experience for visitors. Inspired by the natural formations of snow drifts and chinook cloud clearings, the façade utilizes a unique geometry to mimic these phenomena. The same geometric shapes form the basis of a flexible yet coherent signage system which adapts to the varied needs throughout the library. 

Technical details

Signage & Wayfinding
Calgary, Canada

A combination of warm wooden surfaces contrasted by colorful one’s separate information from each other and ensures a visible system which is still very much perceived as a natural part of the architecture of the building.

The library’s core goal was to ensure all members of the public felt welcome and invited into the building. This idea is expressed across all scales and details of the project, from the building façade to the wayfinding and signage system that is derived from it. Prioritizing access and legibility for all visitors, the intuitive wayfinding system seamlessly links the outside to the inside environment.