Dansens Hus
Building a home for contemporary dance


Interior Architecture


With the commission of Dansens Hus, Snøhetta was challenged to convert an old bridge building warehouse into a new home for Norway's National Center for Contemporary Dance. The building is located alongside the Aker river in the historically industrial area of Vulkan, in the east of Oslo.

Technical details

Renovation & Expansion, Performance Space, Public Space, Workspace
Oslo, Norway

Dansens Hus


LPO Architects

The back of the building towards the Aker River

Snøhetta was responsible for the interior design in the public areas outside the theatre, and the office area for the employees. The foyer is an open space with two interior elements. A bathroom-box which is organized as a glass box in the middle of the foyer and a 9-meter long counter serving as a bar and for ticketing purposes.

Snøhetta has also worked out a concept for the furnishings, colors and materials and also the illumination in the public areas. Many of the original features of the construction are maintained, such as exposed beams in the ceilings and outer walls reflecting the history of the building.

Some new elements were added, like building a pyro wall behind the counter with 7 gas fired lamps showing lifelike flames licking the walls and a fire cannon that can shoot a fireball through the rooftop funnel on special occasions.

Main entrance

Photo: All photos taken by Torbjørn Tandberg