Felleskjøpet Headquarters
Contributing positively to the surroundings


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture


In 2012, Snøhetta and Lillestrøm Delta AS were commissioned to build the new headquarters for Felleskjøpet. Located in Lillestrøm, Norway, the building was completed in the fall of 2014.

The intention has been to strengthen the surrounding area by adding architectural qualities to the new headquarters that contribute positively to the surroundings and the entire region. It has been essential to focus on the overall city plan's structure, strengthen the axis, and bind the site to the river. Large parking areas and industrial activity characterized the area, and a new office building has led to the parking areas being moved below ground and functions such as the main entrance, canteen, and conference center being placed on the ground floor.

Technical details

Workspace, Signage & Wayfinding
Lillestrøm, Norway

Delta Depotgata 22


JM Norge

8 500m2

Photos: Morten Brakestad

Inspired by cornfields

The facades consist of two layers: an outer layer of wooden balusters, and a sealing layer of black façade panels. The wooden balusters are heat-treated to be weather-resistant while retaining the material's natural surface characteristics. The darker façade paneling emphasizes the appearance of the wooden grid facade, which contains different fields with alternating directions of the grid. 

The underlying inspiration is the image of a cornfield where the grains are altered by the influences of the sun, the wind, the water, and the earth, as well as parameters such as the topography of the place. The adaption of those parameters benefits the grid-facades shading function for the building that meets the standards of TEK 10.

Photo: Morten Brakestad

Four seasons

Snøhetta was responsible for fixed and movable fittings inside the building. The four seasons inspired the choice of colors and materials for all floors. 

Each floor was designed with a specific color palette representing the respective seasons; the ground and first floors represent summer, the second-floor fall, the third-floor winter, and the fourth floor spring. Fresh and strong colors are partly used in selected, movable walls, while large surfaces are treated with subdued colors following the same theme.

Photo: Morten Brakestad

Birchwood material is used both in signage and in the main interior of the headquarter. Photos: Calle Huth / Studio Illegal

4th floor, winter. Photo: Morten Brakestad

The green and grey textile wall panels work as noise reducers; at the same time, they reflect Felleskjøpet's identity. Modules in birchwood standing on the 1st floor, telling the story of Felleskjøpet. Photo: Calle Huth / Studio Illegal

Photo: Calle Huth / Studio Illegal

Photos: Calle Huth / Studio Illegal