Fitjar Islands
Soap Production and Experience Facility


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture


Fitjar Islands plans to develop a modern production facility at Port Steingard at Kråko, Stord. The production facility has a programmed space of approximately 400 m2 and a regulated total height of 10 meters. The building is planned at the harbor alongside a channel, and adjacent to the local brewery and restaurant ELØ – En liten øl (a small beer). 

The Fitjar Islands Production & Experience Facility shall be an iconic building with an innovative and flexible layout. It will consist of both internal and external functions, such as picking and packaging area, storage, and production, but also a brand store, showroom, pop-up barber shop, and flexible meeting rooms.

Technical details

Design Proposal
Fitjar, Norway

Fitjar Soapbox AS v/ Svein Sandvik, Monica Sanchez & Sveinung Åkra

Approx. 400 m2

The roof is a destination

Based on the concept of Interplay, the soap foundry seeks to be more than a building by connecting with the surrounding community and nature. 

The roof is a place to visit, but it is not separated from the factory. It's one building, one destination. The roof is necessary for the building but is also an open space, inviting guests to experience the surroundings differently. The roof can be accessed from a stair next to the main entrance or either of the ends. The roof is not part of a pathway that is supposed to lead to any particular place but is a destination in itself.

The roof is not part of a pathway that is supposed to lead to any particular place but is a destination in itself.

The physical presence of the brand

The rooms to sell, produce, and pack the soap are bright and closely connected to the natural surroundings just outside, as the physical presence of the brand Fitjar Islands, which is rooted in high-quality natural products.

The front-of-house area containing the concept store, the reception, a pop-up barber, and a high-end bathroom is located on the first floor, close to the canal, with views to the east, south, and west. With a good overview of visitors and the possibility to open up on more than one side, the front-of-house areas are well set for hosting a variety of happenings and welcoming larger groups.

Seeks to blend in

The building's interior spaces will change qualities as the seasons change, but  secure good working conditions and visitor experiences. Accommodating several reasons for visiting, openly inviting everyone, and contributing to showcasing the beauty of the local area and its possibilities. The building allows visitors to experience soap production without having to come inside the building, strengthening the destination since there is no time limit on when to visit. The building functions as a sign, having people connect it to the brand without further explanation.

The building's organic shape reflects the adaptability of nature and seeks to blend in more than stand out. The structure mimics the landscape movement from higher ground to the sea bottom, acting as a translator between the mountains to the east and the marine park to the west, between the urban setting to the west and the natural habitat to the east