A tribute to the landscape


Architecture, Interior Architecture


For Rindalshytter, Norway's leading producer of leisure homes, Snøhetta has designed the cabin Gapahuk. Combining tradition and innovation, Gapahuk is intended to be a readymade cabin that fits into nearly any scene – whether in the mountains, the forest, or the sea. Focus has been put on designing a flexible cabin concerning wind and sun conditions that can adapt to various terrains and environments.

Technical details

Recreation, Residential


Approx. 100m2

Photo: Mir

Photo: THT Foto

A social space

Gapahuk is a social cabin. Its layout gives priority to the common areas. A spacious indoor living room and kitchen, as well as generous outdoor patios, create spaces where people can spend time together. The cabin further holds three bedrooms, sanitary facilities, and a storage space. These are kept more moderate in size, keeping the cabin's footprint to a minimum. The compact building body is part of the building's environmental strategy, making it easy to heat up.

Protects from wind and sun

The cabin's name, Gapahuk, is a Norwegian word for a simple wooden structure with two or three walls and a roof. It's often made to create shelter from rough weather conditions. Drawing inspiration from the traditional gapahuk, the cabin is shaped to adapt to various weather conditions. The twisting roof creates a two-way gapahuk that protects from wind and sun. The angled roof surfaces can be used for energy production by placing solar panels on them, making it possible to have a cabin off the grid.