Hamar Town Hall
Portraying the city's role in the nation


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture


Hamar, Norway was one of the host towns for the 1994 Winter Olympics, and the design of the new town hall was intended to portray the city's increasingly important role in Norway.

The Town Hall contains administrative functions, council chambers, a gracious public vestibule, a café, and a small health center.

Technical details

Public Administration Building, Workspace
Hamar, Norway

Hamar Municipality

8 500m2

Photos: Damian Heinisch

The most striking characteristic of the design is the diagonal arrangement of the building plan across the existing square city block. The diagonal allows the new entrance plaza to link the adjacent city park and the main access street to the north. The exterior public areas are as important in the design as the interior functions. Protruding from the central administrative volume are two pavilions: one houses the council chambers, and the other contains the double-height entrance lobby.