Heier du Rietz
Celebrating our little pollinators


Graphic & Digital Design


At the heart of the Heier du Rietz brand lies the celebration of bees, our most important pollinators. In 2014, Alexander du Rietz established one of Oslo’s pioneering urban apiaries atop Mathallen. From these hives emerged a passion for beekeeping that expanded nationwide, embracing both urban and traditional apiaries. Building a high-tech honey production barn nestled on their farm in Hadeland, Alexander and his wife Liv Ragnhild have continued to grow this important passion and project.

Technical details

Visual Identity

Logo and illustrative element

The ‘waggle dance’ is a special ‘figure of eight’ dance performed by the honey bee within its hive. Through this unique dance, a worker bee shares vital information about the location of nectar-filled flowers, indicating direction and distance to the hive mates. Inspired by this intricate dance, the logo symbol subtly embodies elements of this ‘figure of eight,’ mirroring the bee’s joyful communication of finding nectar-rich blossoms.

To reflect the intuitive path of the honeybee in its pursuit of nectar, each product boasts a unique line drawing—a playful illustration tracing the bee’s delightful journey. On digital surfaces, you can even see and hear the bees dancing and humming.

With playful and unconventional design elements, our collaboration with Heier du Rietz reflects the joy and dedication poured into each jar of honey. It’s a celebration of Heier du Rietz's remarkable craft and passion, from urban beekeeping in Oslo to traditional beekeeping in Hadeland.

The color palette is inspired by the golden tones of honey, reflecting its richness and warmth, while also drawing from the flower fields where bees gather nectar.

Rebond Grotesque Light and Medium, from the typeface family crafted by Extraset, resonates with Heier du Rietz’s clarity, elegance, and a touch of playfulness.

The layout is fluid and rhythmic, allowing for variations in content presentation while retaining a consistent visual identity. Whether it’s packaging labels, signage, or web interfaces, the dynamic layout system ensures a cohesive and engaging brand experience.