Holzweiler Beijing
A journey into the Norwegian clothing brand's universe


Interior Architecture


Holzweiler Beijing is one of three stores the Norwegian clothing brand has opened in China. It builds on Snøhetta's concept of "Norwegian Elements," inspired by the Norwegian landscapes and coastal movements.

Technical details

Beijing, China


100 sqm

Photos: He Chuan

Long-term and fruitful collaboration

Drawing inspiration from Norwegian landscapes, coastal movements, and the core identity of the Holzweiler brand, the Holzweiler Beijing Store is a unique shopping destination in the vibrant Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing. Spanning 100 square meters, this space and location is a captivating fusion of art and fashion.

Holzweiler Beijing is one of the Norwegian clothing brand's three stores in China – all of which have interior architecture developed by Snøhetta, resulting from a long-term and fruitful collaboration between the two brands.

Engaging and immersive experience

Stepping into the Holzweiler Beijing Store, visitors embark on a journey into the Holzweiler universe, where the natural beauty of Norway, the art of fashion, and a profound sense of interconnectedness converge to create an engaging and immersive experience.

At the store's heart, a tree-like shape springs from a large trunk, coils through, and extends under an illuminated ceiling. As it becomes the focal point, it arouses, guiding the visitor's gaze.

The installation emits a soft, inviting glow, symbolizing growth and unity and giving a sense of curiosity to the space. A warm clay hue within the store encompasses the space, creating a fluid and open environment that offers comfort and calm. Integrating Holzweiler's logo into the tree ring adds a dynamic element, giving a feeling of motion and movement.