Holzweiler Copenhagen
A trace of the Norwegian spirit


Interior Architecture


The 100sqm store stands as an aesthetic design haven in the heart of the city. The considered interior embodies the celebrated creative spirit that runs through the Holzweiler design and lifestyle offering. A sense of tranquility reigns when stepping in from the busy Copenhagen streets; a compact ground-floor room with large windows flooding with natural light showcases the store's neutral finishings. Following the conceptual approach 'Traces,’ the interior architecture is informed by a deep understanding of the brand's Norwegian spirit and a desire to embed this in the customer's experience of this new space, both through tangible and intangible elements.

Technical details

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ateljer Lyktan (lighting), artist Ingeborg Riseng, Tronhjem Rømer (textile & color design), Frank Spitzer (carpentry) and Surface.dk (clay surfaces)

Photo: Magnus Nordstrand


Reminiscent of a memory or feeling that remains, the idea of 'traces' evokes an emotional sense of the brand's beloved heritage as it travels to a new city. In addition, it creates synergy across Holzweiler' s now international footprint and expands the experience of the Holzweiler universe for both existing and new customers.

Photo: Magnus Nordstrand

Spacial Structure

In the center of the space stands a sculptural piece designed collaboratively with artist Ingeborg Riseng, which commands attention and curiosity from visitors and passers-by alike with its characterful clay surface. A curved oak veneer partition wraps around as a backdrop to the entire space, timber walls guide you through the shop, around the hand-clad clay structure, articulating a circular flow around the products and offering unexpected surprises along the way.


The custom lighting design was particularly created with a focus on a resource-saving manufacturing process. In close collaboration with Snøhetta's product design team, utilizing existing tooling capabilities mixed with standardized products led to an all-new design developed with our partner Ateljé Lyktan. To contrast the soft earthiness that dominates the space, the lighting solution adds an industrial and contrasting aspect to the interior, which guides the customer through the experience of the Holzweiler store visit.

Photo: Magnus Nordstrand

In the calm pocket behind the organic walls are the fitting rooms, furthest away from the street for privacy and tranquility. They are defined by colorful curtains designed with the Danish designer Tronhjem Rømer and inspired by the Norwegian sky.

Photo: Magnus Nordstrand

At the core of material choices lies both function and sustainability. Clay and wood are the two main materials used in the store, and the team aimed to reuse as much as possible from the previous space – both floors and ceiling are preserved as they were.

Photo: Rasmus Luckmann