Hørsholm proposal
A new residential area centered around a wooded hill


Architecture, Landscape Architecture


This competition proposal was made for a new residential area in Hørsholm, a suburb of Copenhagen. The site, which at the time of the parallel commission was an abandoned hospital, was to be transformed into almost 300 new apartments.

Technical details

Master Planning, Residential
Design Proposal
Hørsholm, Denmark

Orbicon, ACT, Via trafik

6 ha

The main idea of the master plan was to concentrate the buildings along the edges of the plot in order to make room for a more extensive, common, un-programmed forest. By shaping the forest as a hill, we wanted to strengthen the site's identity and, at the same time, deal with all masses locally. The hill is surrounded by a public activity loop with paths connecting to the surrounding areas.

All new buildings are structured from radial grids, and the roofs are cut in a way to give them identity and to bring the scale down towards the hill and the neighboring areas. The south-facing roofs are covered with solar panels; the north-facing roofs are green.

The project is designed as a zero emission project.