Hotel Brosundet
National Art Nouveau Landmark


Interior Architecture


After renovating an existing warehouse along the old harbour in Ålesund on the west coast of Norway, Hotel Brosundet opened in April 2008. The warehouse was originally built as part of a ambitious rebuilding effort after the great fire of Ålesund in 1904. The building is listed as a National Art Nouveau Landmark.

The Hotel houses 47 rooms and has an intimate atmosphere with almost no two rooms having the same layout. The guest rooms provide a view of the seafront of Ålesund and the Atlantic Ocean in the horizon. In the Hotel interior, the wooden beam construction is left exposed in all rooms. The bathrooms stand out as shiny, sharp jewels of cream tiles and frosted glass. The furniture was designed with refined detailing in white stained oak to link the rawness of the original construction and the modern bathroom elements.

With well-detailed high quality materials and finishes, Snøhetta was able to compliment the old industrial construction in a refined, yet unpretentious way.

Technical details

Renovation & Expansion, Hospitality
Ålesund, Norway

62 Nord

47 rooms

The location along the harbor site in Ålesund

Photo: Terje Rakke

Photo: Mona Gundersen

The heavy duty wooden beam construction have been left exposed in all rooms.The minimalistic design of the bathroom stands out as a shiny sharp jewels of cream tiles and frosted glass.

Photo: Marte Garmann Johnsen

Photo: Mona Gundersen

A single suite has been designed in the nearby Lighthouse "Molja". The 13m2 suite is spread over two floors and consists of an entrance, a bathroom and a bedroom with a semicircular bed fitting the shape of the lighthouse.

Photo: Marte Garmann Johnsen