Jernbanehaven Proposal
Putting nature first


Architecture, Landscape Architecture


As one of the last undeveloped industrial sites of downtown Copenhagen, Jernbanebyen offers a unique opportunity to critically re-imagine the future of cities. Our proposal is based on the idea that the success of a city is measured by the quality of its public space, in which nature plays a critical role.

Nature, in securing biodiversity and food production, as well as health and well-being, is key to futureproofing our cities and securing our very existence. With Jernbanehaven, we put nature first, making it the backbone of the development.

Together with WE Architecture, Snøhetta developed a vision for the area set to preserve every building and structure on site, continuing the area’s rich history and identity. From there, the site is made into a grand park. By giving the site back to nature, Jernbanehaven becomes a recreational zone for residents as well as a much-needed escape from the bustling city life for both Copenhageners and visitors alike.

Technical details

Master Planning, Mixed Use
Design Proposal
Copenhagen, Denmark



WE Architecture, Space Syntax, Burkhard Horn, Buro Happold, Transsolar, Natur360

Photo: Lucian Racovitan

Smaller neighborhoods are carefully placed within the park, flipping the usual narrative of creating parks within neighborhoods. Additionally, 600 000 square meters of mixed-use program aims to bring production back to the city, creating vibrant places to both work and live. Blending seamlessly with the public park, each quarter focuses around a neighborhood plaza, while semi-private backyards create different scales of community.

Photo: Lucian Racovitan

Photo: Snøhetta & WE Architecture

Photo: Snøhetta & WE Architecture

The masterplan is designed on the principle of a car-free city with site-specific solutions to improve public transport, accessibility, and energy production, moving towards a more sustainable way of living. Using cutting-edge computational algorithms and simulations, we have strategically modelled and tested the plan based on an array of quality parameters, ensuring responsivity relevant to the ever-changing needs of the future.