Kivik Art Museum
Exploring the relationship between photography, architecture and landscape


Architecture, Landscape Architecture


Kivik is the first phase in the establishment of a new contemporary art centre in Kivik, Sweden. Snøhetta, together with the Norwegian artist and photographer Tom Sandberg, have produced five temporary pavilions that combine art and architecture for the new centre.

The project is a series of explorations of the spatial and temporal relationship between photography, architecture and the landscape.

Technical details

Museum & Gallery, Public Space, Installation & Commissions
Kivik, Sweden

Kivik Art Center

The viewfinder. Frame a chosen view of the landscape.

The project consists of the following elements:

Two Viewfinders: a 2.5x2.5m cube that is open on two sides.

The Mothership: a series of 5 3x5m rectangular concrete elements which function as a flexible exhibition space.

Two Photo-boxes: a 2.5 x 2.5m cube with a Tom Sandberg photograph silk screen printed on laminated glass on one side and a black neoprene cover on the on the back. The images stare at each other across a bend in the road.

The mothership, a flexible exhibition space

Tom Sandberg photograph silk print. All photos: Gerry Johansson

Photo box.