Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre
A nestling space to meet, connect, and receive help


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture


Located on the Southern boundary of Forester Hill Hospital, Maggie's Cancer Care Centre is a free-standing Pavilion at the edge of the Westburn field. Nestling in the row of trees, the Centre enjoys views across the fields and ample sunlight from the south and west. Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre is not a treatment center but a place where individuals can meet, connect, and receive help and guidance.

The building is conceived as a pavilion in its parkland setting. The soft exterior form envelops the whole center and sculpts the main spaces, while the timber interior creates the more intimate rooms and spaces that the Centre requires.

Technical details

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre

350 m2

Photo: Neil Gordon

Photo: Aberdeen Architectural Pictures by Philip Vile

Photos: Neil Gordon

Photo: Aberdeen Architectural Pictures by Philip Vile

The texture and cutting pattern of the grasses were developed to form a large pattern within which the pavilion building forms an integral part. The courtyard garden at the heart of the Centre forms a secluded outdoor space and is covered with a mix of hard and soft surfaces.