Exploring Regenerative Materials


Product Design


In our pursuit of reducing the building industry's environmental footprint and accelerating the world's transition to sustainable building materials, Snøhetta has collaborated with Norwegian startup NoMy to create Mycelium, a material with soundproofing qualities which is both naturally fire-resistant and 100% compostable. 

Technical details

Material Exploration
Oslo, Norway

Specializing in making new products a from the root-like structure of fungi, we approached NoMy with a challenge: Can we create a building material that doesn't just take from nature but also gives back to it?

Forest fungus and waste

Together, the team developed an innovative solution to improve the acoustics of the interiors at the EY Doberman Sally Lab in Stockholm, Sweden. Using forest fungus and waste products from agriculture, paper production, and other sources, NoMy grew a material with soundproofing qualities, which is naturally fire-resistant and 100% compostable in nature.

Photos by NoMy

Functional art

With regards to functionality, the product is an acoustic element performing to industry standards. In addition, the material's texture also makes it an art piece in itself, with an aesthetic that inspires curiosity for the natural world.

Photo: Bjørnar Øvrebø


At the core of both the collaboration and result is the notion that all of life is interdependent. Innovation thrives when working together, collectively creating a better future.

Creating the acoustic element from Mycelium demonstrates that it is possible to make the move from sustainable to regenerative also when it comes to building materials. From net zero to net positive in our impact on the world.