Forest of Light
Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2021


Product Design, Graphic & Digital Design


The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is a celebration of the peace prize winners, and after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, The Norwegian Nobel Institute and the Oslo Philharmonic invited Snøhetta to help create a new and modern visual expression for the worldwide broadcast.

Snøhetta has collaborated with the Oslo Philharmonic, choreographer and director Fredrik Benke Rydman, the Nobel Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) to create the stage design for the concert which includes a set design with graphic elements and a light installation. The ambition was to create a new format to reinvent the concert with a long tradition.

Technical details

Performance Space, Installation & Commissions
Oslo, Norway

Oslo Philharmonic & Nobel Institute


Nobel Institute
Oslo Philharmonic
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
Benke Rydman (Choreographer)

A concert in balance

The design concept of balance combines the modern with the traditional, the playful with the sophisticated, the human and the technological, the dark with the light. Equal importance was given to defining the balance between the design and needs of the performers to practice their art. Just as peace is not the absence of conflict, but a state of balance.

The forest of light is a light installation emerging out of the main stage and is completely emersed within the musicians. The light poles are designed to perform with maximum output on the smallest surface. Through its triangular shape the light strips are programable in a dynamic and exiting way and are viewable from 360 degrees.

In addition to the light installation Snøhetta has developed a visual concept around a bobbinet curtain to enable the projection of content. When not in use it regulates the focus areas during the show to ensure a good flow for the TV production.

The idea of balance is also reflected in the choice of music pieces throughout the whole concert. It consists of different artistic extremes that meet to find a common language. A pop artist creates the opening work together with a classical composer. A slam poet recites to the orchestra’s cellist. And a street dancer moves to Stravinsky.