Market Street Prototyping Festival


Landscape Architecture


In the summer of 2015, Snøhetta created an installation for San Francisco’s Market Street Prototyping Festival, an annual call for artists and designers to transform Market Street into a public platform and showcase exciting ideas for improving the city’s famed civic spine. The competition-winning entries were brought to life for three days, where millions of pedestrians had the chance to experience, explore, and interact with the prototypes.

Part meadow, part urban street furniture – RELAX! is a playful outdoor stage for the public to make their own. Designed, grown, and built by Snøhetta in their San Francisco studio, this interactive landscape encourages multiple people to rock, swing, or play together, while also experiencing the neighborhood from a different perspective. During its temporary stay on Market Street, children, yogis, dogs, and passersby enjoyed this fleeting addition to the cityscape.

Technical details

Installation & Commissions, Public Space
San Francisco, California, USA
Design Landscape Architect

RELAX! was created from recycled and re-used materials that were returned to the recycle stream once the project was completed.