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Graphic & Digital Design


Before being fused together with Hydro, Sapa was the world's largest aluminium extrusion-based solitiouns company. They had 100 production sites in more than 40 countries, consisted of 23.500 employees worldwide.

Technical details

Visual Identity, Books, Print & Publications

Sapa Group AS


Andreas Lind, Tobias Regell & Frederik Lieberath

Sapa The Movie was made together with the motion graphic design studio Racecar.

Sapa The Book

To accompany the identity, we collaborated closely with Sapa and launched a uniquely designed brand book: Sapa The Book. The aim of the book publication was to capture the essence of the Sapa brand, as well as the possibilites Sapa created for customers an an innovation partner. In the book you could read about what Sapa stood for as a company, and get an introduction to the optimized and refreshed identity.

Aluminum is used as the main color, giving the book a unique look while keeping the focus on the business objectives and the brand.

The photos featured in the book play an important role for the new identity. Divided into four categories – physical, people, process and products – they enhance company values.

Print Spec

  • Illustration: Martijn van der Wiel, Edwin Wallet and Rithuset, Stockholm
  • Photo: Andreas Lind, Tobias Regell and Frederik Lieberath
  • Copy: Paul Redstone
  • Printing: Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden
  • Binding: Soft cover, perfect binding
  • Paper: Jacket: Munken Print White 15/150g.
    Cover: Munken Print White 15/300g.
    Inlay: Munken Print White 15/150g
  • Typography: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Century Schoolbook