Sense of Play



"Sense of Play" is a sensory installation created collaboratively by Snøhetta and DeltaLab University of Rijeka, as part of the Rijeka 2020 cultural program.

Technical details

Art, Installation & Commissions
Rijeka, Croatia

DeltaLab University of Rijeka


EEA, DoGA and Design and Architecture Norway

Design concept and process

"Sense of Play" derives its inspiration from the dynamic and imaginative expressions of children, and the abstraction and joy found in their drawings. The installation strikes a harmonious balance with its colorful rings that interlock, forming an abstract structure that captivates the senses and beckons exploration. It also embodies Rijeka's multicultural heritage, drawing support from the craftsmanship of the shipbuilding industry.

Designed as part of a broader strategy going beyond the installation itself, "Sense of Play" serves as a catalyst for a variety of educational activities and workshops related to children's rights, creativity, cultural heritage, and industrial transformation. The installation stands as a cornerstone for the city of Rijeka, conveying the city's historical narrative and future aspirations to both its citizens and visitors.

Photo: Hrvoje Franjić / Courtesy of DeltaLab

Inclusive design

The project put particular emphasis on heightening awareness of inclusive design and establishing a sustainable platform for intercultural dialogue between Norway and Croatia – introducing Croatian practices into the Nordic Social Model framework, while trying to disseminate the requisite know-how for future design and production.

Photo: Hrvoje Franjić / Courtesy of DeltaLab

Knowledge exchange

Aiming to foster intercultural dialogue among Norwegian and Croatian designers, architects, students, and artists, the Rijeka 2020 cultural program was funded by the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, with participation from DOGA, Design and Architecture Norway. The central objective was to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences centered around community engagement, children-focused design, and local heritage enhancement.

Initially conceived as an outdoor piece for the Children's House at the newly renovated Bencic Cultural Complex, the Sense of Play installation has become part of the Resilient Campus Project at the University of Rijeka Campus, looking to improve the community's well-being and enhance the quality of life and work.

Photo: Hrvoje Franjić / Courtesy of DeltaLab