SUMMIT One Vanderbilt
A new way of inhabiting the New York City skyline


Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architecture


SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a four-story observation complex that brings together spaces for art, gathering, and wonder to envision a new way of inhabiting the New York City skyline. The state-of-the-art promontory offers panoramic views over all five boroughs from a collection of curated multi-sensory viewing and lounge spaces located more than 1,000 feet above Midtown Manhattan. Snøhetta’s design for the project balances jaw-dropping views with a choreographed procession of connective social spaces – including ample hallways, quiet escalators, and a cozy skyline café – to create moments where visitors can gather and pause between curated experiences.

Technical details

Public Space, Destination
New York, New York, USA
Gross: 66,325 SF Terrace landscape: 0.2 acres
Interior Architect, Design Landscape Architect, Design Architect

The journey up SUMMIT One Vanderbilt begins below ground at Grand Central Station, where Midtown Manhattan’s tallest office tower meets one of its most beloved landmarks. Visitors first encounter a wood paneled waiting area before mirrored elevators ferry them to the 91st floor. Upon arrival, they are greeted by the Hall of Light, an illuminated walkway that recreates the sky’s real-time color, hue, and brightness indoors. On cloudy days, the hallway is cool and dewy, on sunny days, it shines blueish white, always offering a hint of the immersive experiences of the observatory.

Stitching together an interior landscape punctuated by sensual experiences, Snøhetta’s in-between spaces turn looking over the city into a social experience by refocusing our attention inwardly and toward those around us.