Swarovski Beletage
Flexible event space and bar


Architecture, Interior Architecture


Located in the premises of Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal World), the Swarovski Beletage is as an extension of the Daniels Café & Restaurant catering for tour groups and as event space for up to 120 guests. Snøhetta’s design concept is based on the interpretation of the mineralogic phenomenon of a druse: a sparkling crystalline core is covered by a hard and plain shell.

A wooden façade covers the steel structure on top of a service building and extensive glass fronts allow for views of the crystal world park with its crystal cloud. The elegant interior interprets the keywords of crystallinity, light, shine, reflections, and transparencies. As crystal growth follows a certain order, the interior is arranged in a strict pattern, but as a play of different materials and light effects. Lamellas of molded glass hang in different heights from the ceiling, a brass frame with different colored glass panels structures the wall. Custom-made brass luminaires with crystals inside light up the bar, which gives the impression of a 5,5-meter-long quartzite monolith. The arrangement of the tables and chairs is flexible enough to allow for various events – from gala dinners to conferences.

Technical details

Wattens, Austria


200 m2

Photos: Gerhard Berger

Photo: Peter Zöch

Photo: Gerhard Berger