Another big win for Esbjerg Maritime Center

Esbjerg Maritime Center has today received the award Årets byggeri in Denmark.

"The Maritime Center has created an impressive destination, which promotes community and togetherness within maritime life," it is stated in the judge's report.

Årets byggeri, or Building of the Year, is the broadest and most versatile award in the construction industry in Denmark. A national honorary award, which every year in December is awarded to the year's best and most important builders based on their social and professional construction in the country. The award was founded by Byggeri magazine in 1997. 

Lights up the coast

Dubbed “The Lantern”, the Maritime Center is designed to put the community first. Developed by Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter following a design competition in 2019, the center provides a maritime social hub and architectural landmark for the seaport town on the Danish west coast.

Housing multiple watersport clubs, boat storage, training facilities, a large workshop space, and social functions, the center is a true hub for maritime activities. Its circular, open design invites visitors in from every angle, creating an accessible and inclusive building. The goal has been to create a unique destination that lights up the coast so everyone can find their way to new communities at sea.

Esbjerg Martime Center, Denmark

Photo: wichmann+bendtsen photography

Four awards in a row

However, this is not the first win for the acclaimed building. Last month, the Maritime Center won another Building of the year-award as the industry magazine Licitationen presented its awards for the year.

In October, the new maritime center also secured two distinguished awards in quick succession.

"The design of Esbjerg Maritime Centre is inspired from our long, shared history of expert boat craftsmanship and maritime culture in Norway and Denmark. It is a circular and inclusive building in wood, inspired by the shapes of boats, giving homage to the rich, shared history between Norway and Denmark," says Frank Denis Foray, Snøhetta lead architect for the project.