Counterbalance wins the 2023 ECC Architecture Award

We’re excited to reveal that our project Counterbalance was selected for the European Cultural Centre's Architecture Award. Counterbalance opened to the public on May 20, 2023, in the Marinaressa Ponente Giardini. The asymmetrical piece creates deliberate instability for users, and through play creates new perceptions of land, trees, sky, and water, all of which are part of experience of the Giardini. Counterbalance is a meditation on the fragility and ebbing quality that makes Venice unique and uniquely vulnerable in the age of climate change.

A a jury of esteemed industry experts has carefully selected the winners of the ECC Awards for the categories of Architecture, Design, University Project, and Art Installation. The jury was composed of Christele Harrouk, Editor at Archdaily, Renato Turri, CEO and Partner at World Architects, and Ursula Schwitalla, Art Historian, Curator and co-founder of the DIVIA Awards.

Congratulations to the Counterbalance team!