LAUFEN Forum officially opened

New Brand Experience

The newly redesigned LAUFEN Forum was officially opened on June 12. The architectural brand statement has been masterfully reimagined by Snøhetta creating a new way of communicating and understanding the LAUFEN brand universe.

Matter, interpreted as both material and meaningful significance, is central to the LAUFEN brand experience, elegantly embodied in the various spaces of the LAUFEN Forum. Visitors are welcomed in the Greeting Space, where the defining materials of clay and brass highlight the basis of the brand. Progressing into the Matter Space, an event and discussion venue, they encounter a refined expression of Matter as both physical substance and thematic focus, enriching the experience within the Forum.

“It was important to us that the core of the LAUFEN brand was the focus in the newly designed LAUFEN Forum. The essence of LAUFEN is represented by the tension between materiality, design, and technical perfection,” states Patrick Lüth, Managing Director of Snøhetta Studio in Innsbruck.

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