Snøhetta and UniFor launch a new shelving system for future libraries

Together with leading Italian manufacturer of work environment furniture, UniFor, Snøhetta has designed and developed a new type of shelving system custom-made for libraries in the future. The shelving called Bokhus launches during Milan Design Week on April 17th.

Physical books have long been predicted to be replaced by digital content as society becomes more digitalized. At the same time, libraries' function in society is changing - becoming more of a communal space where people meet and spend time socializing and sharing knowledge. Therefore, creating a space where books are still valued and celebrated is more important than ever.

Research initiated by Snøhetta in 2019 led to a project for a series of objects aiming to both accommodate and help shape the evolution of libraries. The first element in the collection is the Bokhus shelving system, which will be presented at Milano Design Week 2023 at UniFor's headquarters and showroom in Milan.

The goal behind Bokhus was to create a shelf that is not only a book carrier but also adds warmness and finesses to the library space.