Snøhetta contributes to new exhibition at Vitra Design Museum

Snøhetta' project Powerhouse Brattørkaia is part of the exhibition «Transform! Designing the Future of Energy» that opens in Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany 23 March. The exhibition aims to show how design plays a key role in the current transition to renewable energy. As the program text says: "All of the buildings, infrastructure and products related to the generation, distribution and utilization of energy are created by human beings."

A new and custom-made model of the building showcases an innovative approach in the areas of architecture and mobility under the title «Transformers». Recognized as the world’s northernmost energy-positive building, producing more than twice as much energy as it consumes, feeding the surplus back into a local microgrid, Brattørkaia is a pioneering project that still, five years after it was completed, is attracting excitement and attention all over the world. 

The building sector is the worst

In the first part of the exhibition, «Human Power», visitors are invited to discover their own potential for generating energy. By pedaling on stationary exercise bikes, they can see how long it takes to produce enough electricity for everyday activities such as brewing coffee, browsing the web, or taking a hot shower.

The second section of the exhibition is devoted to the theme of «Energy Tools», and features products, prototypes and experiments for living «off-grid» – without a connection to the conventional energy infrastructure. 

The third part of the exhibition, «Transformers», revolves around the fact that the building sector alone is responsible for roughly a third of global energy consumption, and the percentage attributed to the transportation sector is almost as high.

«Transform! Designing the Future of Energy» will be on display until 1 September.