Snøhetta designs new brand presentation for Swiss bathroom company LAUFEN at Salone del Mobile

Matter by Snøhetta: the tangible sensuality of material

The brand presentation Matter for LAUFEN at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, conceived by Snøhetta, is based on the jointly developed concept that allows visitors to experience the LAUFEN brand, and its products, in new and unique ways. At the heart of Matter is the tension between archaic materiality, technical expertise and aesthetic refinement. The tactile allure of clay and brass, embodying the essence of the raw materials of ceramic and metallic fittings, starkly contrasts with the innovative sophistication of LAUFEN’s high-tech manufacturing and design ethos. Distinctive signature colours have also been assigned to each LAUFEN bathroom collection, instantly revealing their unique character.

A large atrium welcomes visitors with further references to raw materials including clay and water - key to LAUFEN's alchemy – offering a retreat where visitors can briefly rest and gather initial impressions of the LAUFEN world away from the bustling activity of the fair. Snøhetta has arranged the seating in a concentric layout, a mimetic design inspired by the pattern droplets create as they fall on the surface of water. At the centre of the atrium, selected products are artistically displayed on a stage as if they were large sculptures, evoking a connection between design, architecture, and art further emphasising the unique character of LAUFEN.

Photo: © LAUFEN, photos: Pierre Kellenberger

Nature and materiality

The world of nature and materiality evoked by the installation strikingly contrast with an industrial backdrop, as large shelves display LAUFEN's latest bathroom collections. Product niches crafted in clay and natural hues add warmth and authenticity, showcasing a variety of products and accessories while inviting a tactile engagement for visitors.

In a commitment to sustainability, LAUFEN’s exhibit is designed with a circular approach, ensuring as many materials as possible are reused within Milan or designated for subsequent applications. This dedication to material lifecycle is a shared ethos between LAUFEN and Snøhetta, which has placed sustainability in architecture and a sensitive approach to landscape and resources at the centre of its work since its foundation.

Photo: © LAUFEN, photos: Pierre Kellenberger

Photo: © LAUFEN, photos: Pierre Kellenberger

Photo: © LAUFEN, photos: Pierre Kellenberger

A multi-disciplinary exploration

LAUFEN has embarked on a multi-disciplinary exploration with Snøhetta, involving not just architecture but also a new way of communicating and understanding the brand universe. Previous collaborations include LAUFEN space Vienna and the Forum at the LAUFEN headquarters in Laufen near Basel, where they have masterfully reimagined the interior, crafting a multi-level journey through the entire LAUFEN collection.

“It was important to us that the spirit of the LAUFEN brand could be experienced with every product presentation, whether it’s a showroom or a trade fair stand. This essence of LAUFEN is represented by the tension between materiality, design, and technical perfection," states Patrick Lüth, Managing Director of the Innsbruck Snøhetta studio.

SALONE DEL MOBILE / International Bathroom Exhibition



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