Snøhetta explores new material for reborn classic with ateljé Lyktan

Snøhetta has partnered with leading Swedish lighting manufacturer ateljé Lyktan to explore sustainable solutions in lighting design. The collaboration focuses on material innovation, with atelje Lyktan's iconic 1970s Supertube receiving a contemporary makeover through extensive material research. The result is the Superdupertube.

At the core of Superdupertube is its materials, showcasing Snøhetta's commitment to regenerative design and material research. The journey began several years ago, with an architect, a landscape architect, an interior architect, and Snøhetta's workshop master collaborating with ateljé Lyktan. The objective was to explore materials for a locally sourced solution with a smaller ecological footprint. Hemp, with its robust fibers and minimal environmental impact, emerged as the optimal choice, reducing CO2 emissions by over 50% compared to traditional aluminum variants.

Photo: Ateljé Lyktan

Photo: Ateljé Lyktan

The collaboration with suppliers Bergman's and Trifilon marked a journey of sustainable material development. Initial attempts with pine cones and coffee grounds led to the discovery of hemp fiber, showcasing the significance of partnerships in pushing sustainable design boundaries. Superdupertube is the first project where a material based on hemp is extruded in an existing extrusion process.

You can read the full press release here.