Snøhetta hosts Venice Studio on architecture and outdoor spaces

Venice Studio is an annual design workshop in Venice, Italy for students and recent graduates worldwide. Studios are led by established and emerging offices of architecture and urbanism.

This project, in collaboration with TBA-21, challenges students to explore the concept of a Hortus Conclusus, an enclosed garden, and the transition between architecture and outdoor spaces within Venice’s unique urban fabric. Students will investigate the seamless flow between indoor and outdoor environments, promoting a productive interaction with nature while reflecting on the role such gardens have in urban renewal and sustainability. Our activities will focus on the vibrant neighbourhood of Campo San Lorenzo in Castello, providing a tangible urban context for students to apply and visualise their designs. This studio seeks to inspire a new generation of architects to create integrated, sustainable spaces that enhance community interaction and environmental awareness.

Open for applications now!

1-12th July, 2024
(6/7th weekend free unless notified otherwise)

2500 Euro

Studio Directors in Venice
Jette Hopp (director, Snøhetta)
Tommaso Maserati (architect, Snøhetta)
Jules Gallissian (architect urbanist, Snøhetta)

Studio Project
The Productive Garden – Hortus Conclusus

Time Commitment
3.5hrs / day classes (+ field trips, lectures and site visits)
*students should expect to spend additional time to develop their projects

Required Skills
Intermediate digital 3D modelling and rendering

Required Software
No specific requirements

Laptop computer

Field Trips and Site Visits
A kayaking tour to Isola di Campalto in the Venetian lagoon
Venice Art Biennale

Learn more about Venice Studio and apply here.