Snøhetta launches collection of micro cabins and houses

Snøhetta has developed a series of modular cabins for the Norwegian start-up Omgi, expanding its portfolio of sustainable alternatives to traditional holiday homes. With panoramic windows as the only thing standing between coziness and nature experiences, the Omgi cabins ensure a unique, almost seamless experience with nature while leaving a minimal physical footprint in the landscape.

The collection consists of four typologies that can cover many needs – cabin, hotel room, guesthouse, and annex – all designed to be placed anywhere with a minimum of groundwork. Thanks to the construction that requires no foundations, nature can flow freely under the units lifted from the ground with pilings specially adapted to the terrain. Although seemingly permanently located once installed, the cabins drastically minimize the need to make potentially damaging landscaping. In addition, they are removable and easy to reuse.


Simple everyday life and improving people's cabin accounting through a sharing economy is part of Omgi's philosophy. All cabins can, therefore, be delivered with a world-class booking system, 100% integrated with both the lock on the door and control of energy consumption.

Omgi also offers a "one-stop-shop" where customers are helped with the entire process, from financing to building application, project management, and certificate of completion. On you can, step by step, choose your cabin type, cladding, and interior, and in this way, easily tailor your cabin to your needs and preferences.