Snøhetta partners with BOND to restore and regenerate a National Park in Japan with ecotourism

Snøhetta is thrilled to be working with BOND, a private organization that aims to promote environmental education by means of nature-based experiences and ultimately bring about social change to solve the complex issues of recurrent natural disasters and a fast-aging society in Japan.

Currently in concept design phase, we have identified potential sites located in a protected National Park to strengthen the relationship between earth, people, and nature with meaningful design interventions. Broadly, we aim to restore the earthquake-affected area that is currently in ruins to its original state of biodiversity and natural richness.

Snøhetta’s Managing Director Asia, Richard Wood highlights that the project is anchored on our shared commitment to integrating sustainable design with local empowerment: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with BOND, an organization dedicated to prioritizing people and working towards a brighter future for special regions in Japan. Our shared belief in a sustainable future and our commitment to integrating unique site conditions, local resources, and culture has brought us together”.

Eco-concepts for health, wellness, and educational facilities are woven together with active public spaces spread across the park. With a regenerative design approach, Snøhetta will explore ways of healing the scarred landscape while facilitating the socio-economic upliftment of local communities. This ecotourism development is the first step in furthering BOND’s vision of linking top stakeholders, government agencies, and locals to offer sustainable solutions for some of the long-term challenges facing the country.

Photography by Snøhetta
Render by Ramka