Snøhetta wins Norwegian DOGA Award for Design and Architecture with Asak FLYT

Last night, Snøhetta and Asak Miljøstein were awarded the prestigious DOGA Award for FLYT - the permeable paver system designed to meet current and future water management challenges.

DOGA is a driving force for sustainable value creation through design and architecture in Norway. They facilitate collaboration between creative talents, businesses, and the public sector and work to strengthen the role of design and architecture in shaping the future.

FLYT is a permeable paver system designed and developed by Snøhetta product designers and landscape architects in collaboration with leading Norwegian paver manufacturer Asak Miljøstein to meet the demand for new and innovative water management solutions in urban environments with increased extreme weather conditions.

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Photo: Bjørnar Øvrebø / Oioioi

The DOGA Award jury shared the following statement about the winning project:

"The meteorologists are clear that Norway will experience more frequent and intense heavy rainfall in the future, and stricter regulations on stormwater management have been introduced. The jury commends the team behind Asak FLYT for effectively contributing to this critical area.

The jury is impressed by the simple yet powerful expression of Asak FLYT and how the pavers can be combined in many clever ways. The system allows for the creation of varied and exciting outdoor floors for everything from city squares to driveways and industrial sites. We believe the design with flexible gaps and natural drainage is a brilliant solution that enriches the surroundings.

The paving stone Asak FLYT has been awarded the DOGA mark for design and architecture because it has an elegant and functional form that addresses a current societal issue."

Design as a strategic tool

Marius Myking, Director of Snøhetta Design, firmly believes that design is a strategic tool that should be utilized to facilitate and help create better solutions to current challenges and that FLYT is an excellent example of how design can be used strategically.

"We believe that design and architecture are essential tools for improving society. FLYT demonstrates how strategic design can contribute to solving future environmental and societal challenges and how we can work across disciplines and industries to create better solutions. It has been a fascinating and educational process, and the collaboration with Asak has been enriching in many ways. We look forward to further developing Flyt with Asak, and being awarded the DOGA Award is, of course, very exciting," says Myking.

Flyt was previously awarded Fast Company's "Innovation by Design Award"