Join the lively panel debate at Snøhetta Oslo's Studio and explore the future of Design

The evening's main event will be a panel debate. Unique voices representing diverse experiences from the forefront of the industry will gather to discuss topics ranging from digital innovations to future-oriented production methods. These luminaries will also delve into the broader landscape of design, exploring the challenges that lie ahead and the emerging trends that are shaping our creative world.

"As the world undergoes rapid transformation, we believe that real change can happen when individuals converge, ideas intertwine, and diverse perspectives harmonize," says Marius Myking, Director of Snøhetta Product Design. "This event showcases Snøhetta's belief in the power of collective action and collaborative endeavors. We extend a warm invitation to all those who share our passion for design excellence and our commitment to driving positive change."

The event takes place on Thursday September 7th from 4 m. to 5 p.m. Attendees can engage with thought leaders, visionaries, and fellow enthusiasts in an environment that nurtures open dialogue and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.We hope this event can be one of many stepping stones toward a more inclusive and dynamic future for the design industry, where collaboration paves the way for innovation.

"We firmly believe that the journey to greatness is best undertaken together," says Myking. "By participating in this event, you can be an integral part of a larger narrative — a story that propels us towards transformative design solutions and a more interconnected world."

Snøhetta invites friends, professionals, and design enthusiasts to be part of an event that aims to shape the discourse of design in the future. Don't miss the chance to contribute your voice to the vibrant tapestry of collaborative creativity.

Welcome to join us this Thursday at our Snøhetta Oslo's Studio.

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  • Location: Snøhetta Oslo, Skur 39, Akershusstranda 21, 0150 Oslo
  • Date and Time: Thursday September 7th. 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Theme: Collaboration 

Photo: Hinda Fahre