Donaumarina Tower Vienna
Proposal for a new organizational strategy for high-rises




In our competition proposal for the Donaumarina Tower in Vienna in 2019, developed together with hochform. Architekten, we introduced a new organizational strategy for our high-rise design. The concept for the 115-meter-high tower is based on a strong architectural identity that respects its context, situated at a neuralgic point of Vienna’s urban expansion at the Danube, where new residential areas and business districts arise.

Our design proposal further aims to establish vertical interconnections to create attractive future workplaces for today’s diverse office needs and working styles.

Technical details

Design Proposal
Vienna, Austria

BAI Bauträger Austria Immobilien GmbH


hochform. Architekten

Visualizations by ZOA3D

Cultural axis and connective zones

A conceptual cultural axis breaks up the efficiently stacked floor slabs and establishes connective zones, that in turn create physical links between different floors. These communal and social spaces integrate event spaces, co-creation spaces, green terraces and winter gardens. 

The winter garden zone with its more transparent façade and integrated greenery acts as beacon in two directions, south facing the city and north to the waterfront. Floor 15 and 16 are forming the “plaza” of the tower, and the lower podium levels are designed not only to provide amenities to the employees, but also to create what would function as a public living room for the neighborhood.