Shibuya Upper West Project
A tribute to the duality of Tokyo




Snøhetta designs its largest project in Japan to date with the new Shibuya Upper West Project for Tokyu Corporation, L Catterton Real Estate, and Tokyu Department Store. The 117,000 m2 mixed-use development includes the Bunkamura cultural complex and will offer high-quality retail, a contemporary luxury hotel, and rental residences, as well as art and cultural experiences in the vibrant Shibuya district of Tokyo. The project aims to achieve the highest possible sustainability ratings and is expected to complete in 2027.

Technical details

Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Mixed Use
Shibuya City, Japan

Tokyu Corporation
L Catterton Real Estate
Tokyu Department Store

117,000 m2

Design Architect: Snøhetta 
Executive Architects: Nikken Sekkei Ltd and Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC

A new vision for Shibuya

The city of Tokyo lies in a duality of nowness and time-honored tradition. A city of turns and juxtapositions, contrasting qualities that harmonize with one another. The new Shibuya Upper West Project intends to represent all this while imagining a new vision for the famous and lively area of Shibuya in Tokyo, known for its bustling crowds, big screens, and the Shibuya Crossing in front of the Shibuya Station Hachikō. 

With its prominent location, where Tokyu Department Store’s flagship store currently resides, the project sits at the intersection of the serene high-end residential area of Shoto, the cultural neighborhoods of Kamiyamacho and Tomigaya, and the vibrant Shibuya district. Nestled at the edge of Shibuya where energy meets calm, the project aspires to become Tokyo's newest urban retreat – a sanctuary of peace and relaxation in the bustle of the city. Key features include The Hive, a vibrant and lively atrium anchoring the heart of the project, and The Sanctuary, a healing space with lush roof terraces for visitors to relax and unwind.

Honoring traditions while designing for the future

The Shibuya Upper West Project is set to become a new landmark in Tokyo. Horizontally connecting out to the city and the surrounding areas while stretching vertically to the sky. The building is designed as a landform, rising from ground level with its terraced steps, paying tribute to the distant foothills of Mount Fuji. The building honors an ancient Japanese building practice through its ceramic façade, strengthening the connection between tradition and the future.

We aim to design for the future and aspire to find the most sustainable solutions, contributing to Japan’s goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050. 

Robert Greenwood Partner, Director Asia Pacific

In such a well-known and historically significant area in one of the world’s most exciting cities, the project is paying homage to and respecting traditions as well as looking ahead.

Snøhetta's design imagines a new 24-hour vision for Shibuya with a hybrid urban development that combines Landmark and Landform – a bridge between the city and the streets that extends itself into the skyline – connecting Shibuya to Shoto. The design is formed as a single gesture, moving from the horizontal ground plane to the vertical skyline, symbolizing the energy of the area in a single stroke. It is a tribute to the duality of Tokyo – a modern city steeped in tradition. For the Shibuya Upper West Project, Snøhetta plans to achieve the highest possible sustainability ratings.

Creating new experiences in the heart of Tokyo

The development will bring together a vibrant combination of high-quality retail, a contemporary luxury hotel, and rental residences as well as art and culture in the Shibuya district for the very first time. The Shibuya Upper West Project will be a collaboration with the iconic Bunkamura cultural complex, adjacent to the project and known for its long-standing efforts to promote art and culture throughout Tokyo.

Shibuya Upper West Project is due for completion in 2027 and will be a collaboration between Snøhetta as Design Architect and a joint venture between Nikken Sekkei Ltd and Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC acting as Executive Architect.