Pangaea Digital Garage
Shibuya’s sanctuary for digital nomads


Architecture, Interior Architecture


Situated in an entirely new building complex in Shibuya, Tokyo, Pangaea Digital Garage’s tranquil co-working space creates a sanctuary contrasting the busy neighborhood ten floors down. The new co-working space creates a tactile and social space for digital nomads, bringing people across borders and cultures together in a workspace that unites the digital and physical world.

The conceptual starting point of the co-working space was Pangaea – the supercontinent once circumscribed as one continuous landmass. As a boutique office space for digital nomads, the space commemorates a time and place where geographical, political, and national constructs were not an obstacle.

Technical details

Tokyo, Japan

Digital Garage, Inc.


TAKENAKA Corporation
Shelter Co., Ltd.

188 m2

Nacasa & Partners

Photo by Nacasa & Partners

A tangible space for digital work

While the eponymous output of the company is digital, the drivers and contributors inhabit physical space and interact with tangible forms. The co-working space aims to unite digital work with an evocative and interactive physical shape.

A “super furniture”, inspired by a brush stroke, makes up the heart of the office space. Constructed as a metaphor for both tactility and fluidity, it encompasses all core functions of a co-working space: a reception, an amphitheater, phone booths, meeting spaces and individual workspaces. The furniture also prompts its users towards a greater vision through daily interactions with the co-working space and one another.

Carved from Japanese cedar wood, the furniture leaves an enchanting spicy-resinous natural scent in the venue. The cabinets are in linoleum and walls are dressed in woolen textile fronts with acoustic backing, assembled as a pixelated portrayal of Mount Fuji. On a clear day, you can see the iconic Mountain on the horizon from inside the building.

534 light bulbs

A sky dome of light gives warmth to the dark walls and floors, with 534 individual light bulbs assembled to create curved lines across the ceiling. The light bulbs are positioned at certain set heights, with the ceiling being perceived as higher where people tend to congregate and lower where the more focused workspaces are located. In addition to the bulbs, concealed lighting is set up throughout the venue.