for Holzweiler


Product Design, Interior Architecture


As a natural continuation of Snøhetta's long-term collaboration with the Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler, our Product Design team had the opportunity to develop a lamp feature for their retail spaces in the occasion of the Copenhagen store, the first international store out of Norway.

Technical details

Lighting, Products
Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Snøhetta

A lamp to complete the design

Created with a focus on a resource-saving manufacturing process, the lamp has been designed in collaboration with the interior architecture team as a contrasting industrial element among the soft shapes of the retail Holzweiler interiors. 

By recalling the soft metallic accents that support the garments display, the lamp creates a framework in the ceiling providing a flexible rail-based lighting solution. The concept is developed by integrating existing tooling capabilities and standardized components in close dialogue with our partner Ateljé Lyktan, which leads to an all-new design.

Photo: Ateljé Lyktan

The lamp has become one of the iconic elements in Holzweiler's interior architecture language. It is in the Holzweiler Hegdehaugsveien store in Oslo, which opened in November 2022.