Art Basel Lounge


Architecture, Interior Architecture, Product Design


In collaboration with Swire Properties, Snøhetta envisioned the VIP Lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong as an evocative public forum and stage for the live Dialogue Series. The installation, titled HORIZON, is an interplay between the reflective canopy representing the sky and the soft ground below. The space brings together leading experts and local voices to explore contemporary issues, inspire conversation, and celebrate art.

Technical details

Hong Kong

Swire Properties


Spiers & Major Light Architecture, Prime Consulting Engineers, Kvadrat, Work Shop Productions (HK)

114 sqm

The design for the simple sculptural form is inspired by the stunning views of the city’s Victoria Harbour. This gradient volume between the sky and the landscape beyond is the horizon where guests witness the spectacle of continuously shifting light and reflections. The soft, colourful and tactile ground plane contrasts with the light, polished, and reflective surface of the suspended sky.

This engaging sense of play creates a welcoming atmosphere designed to foster social interaction and engagement. The spacious landscape, with its movable seating, will accommodate a flexible array of gatherings and event. Further, in keeping with Snøhetta’s commitment to best sustainable practices, the lounge is designed to be reconfigured and relocated after the event, with many of the components fit for reuse.