Youth Mental Health
Empowering mental health advocacy


Graphic & Digital Design


With courage, openness and equality as their core values, Youth Mental Health Norway works for increased transparency about mental health, prevention of mental disorders and a better mental health service. A central part of their work is to pass on, distribute and communicate experience-based knowledge about mental health by establishing platforms for collaboration between users, relatives, support services and society. 

We are proud to have helped the organisation develop a new visual language. The reimagined visual identity aims to reflect the three main values that are embedded in the organisations work, embracing their need for a confident and clear, yet emotional and caring voice.

Technical details

Visual Identity, Digital & Creative Tech

Youth Mental Health Norway deals with a range of different topics within the field of mental health, and their work is directed towards several different target groups. Accordingly, we aimed to create a visual language that was flexible and could adapt to this ever changing landscape. As a response to this, the logo that can exist as both a subtle and discreet signature, or as a bold and confident mark, adapting to the context of usage.

A rich color palette allows for a playful and inclusive expression that can be used across the several different programs of the organisation. The typographic voice is bold yet friendly and characteristic.

Illustrations play a central role in the visual language, and acts as a key element to help Youth Mental Health Norway convey both sensitive and critical themes in a precise and playful manner. To further elaborate on the organisations already established punk-production approach, we developed a framework that allows members of the organisation to create their own illustrations. This approach encourages a visual universe that is ever expanding, as members create their own contributions over time.