Sonja Magazine
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Our work for the Sonja Victoria's Foundation is an example of how design can be used as a tool to promote dialogue and change perspectives. Sonja’s parents lost their daughter to cancer and established the foundation in her name to fight for better conditions for hospitalized children. The Sonja magazine is one of their means of communicating this important message. 

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Volum 1

Volum 2

Volume 1

When designing Sonja magazine Vol. 1 we decided to go for the largest possible format for the chosen printing method, and a pink cover which was Sonja’s favourite colour. With beautiful photographs by one of Norway’s finest photographers, Lars Petter Pettersen, we could really utilise the format to its full potential. The typography on the vast pages made room for playful solutions to contrast this very serious topic.

Volume 2

Designing the second volume of the Sonja magazine we chose a handy, small format with a large number of pages. First and foremost we had a really strong photographic essay by photographer Lasse Fløde that would benefit from a page by page flow. Secondly some of the articles were more text-heavy and would be more easily read in this book-like version. To accompany the images and text Cecilie Maurud Barstad made some colorful illustrations especially for this issue.