reMarkable Pop-up Store
A better place to think


Interior Architecture


With online retail on the rise, shopping habits are changing, forcing brands to rethink and innovate their marketing strategies. Although digital retail is effective, many consumers still want to see and experience products physically. In response to this, Snøhetta has designed “a better place to think” in collaboration with the Norwegian tech company reMarkable, whose next-generation paper tablet was named one of the best inventions of 2020 by TIME Magazine.

Technical details

Oslo, Norway


The layout of the store revolves around a centralized column, out of which an inner and outer ring of tables in various heights provide places for focus, and for testing out the paper tablets.

Photo: Calle Huth

The bespoke furniture around the centralized column are made from oak, treated with a matte lacquer, which creates a warm atmosphere. Orange lamps define the individual spots for trying out the tablets.

In the store, reMarkable’s latest paper tablet can be experienced in an environment that allows visitors to delve into a universe that fosters focused thinking. 

Although consumers are becoming increasingly digital in their shopping habits, especially during the pandemic, we see the value of letting our customers experience that «wow» moment of writing on one of our paper tablets for the very first time. It helps them understand our product better, and how it will prove useful in their everyday lives. 

Magnus Wanberg CEO and Founder of reMarkable

Photo: Calle Huth

Conceptually, the store references the spatial qualities that characterize libraries – the unpolished elegance of clean and open spaces, tidy structures, focused reading zones, and a tranquil atmosphere. Central concepts that guide the design approach are the subtle yet powerful material qualities of paper, and the library’s ability to bring focus and clarity to one’s thinking.

In today’s world, with constant digital and analog interruptions, creating a space for focused thinking can be a challenge. For creative solutions and bright ideas to flourish, the spaces in which we work and think need to cater for that mindful condition – the experience of being in a serene environment in which thinking can be uninterrupted.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen Snøhetta Co-Founder

The walls and ceiling are painted in a matte dark blue color, lending a calm and sober ambiance to the space. The existing concrete floor is exposed along the walls, while the central area is covered with a brown coconut carpet.

The display shelves are painted white to blend in with the acoustic panels and to create a subtle and clean backdrop in the store.

Photo: Calle Huth

Most of the walls are covered with pulp acoustic panels with a paper-like finish, providing tactility as well as acoustic qualities. Wall-mounted shelves display accessories through custom-made product stands.

Photo: Calle Huth

A hand-made chandelier surrounds the tables, expressing the energy and movement of a handwritten line.

Photo: Calle Huth